SPEAK, the HasNestedComponents Property

Recently, some colleagues and MVP reported me some binding errors in SPEAK. All of them was solved by setting the HasNestedComponents property to "true".

The HasNestedComponents is a property you can set on the userControl inside your razor file.

Here is an example:

  var userControl = Html.Sitecore().Controls().GetUserControl(Model.
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How to create a PageCode

SPEAK 1.2 is not realeased yet

The pageCode is a special component because it is required by a SPEAK page in order to work. No pageCode, No SPEAK.

This pageCode component is devided in 2 parts. The server side pageCode and the client side pageCode.

In SPEAK 1.2,

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Component in SPEAK 1.2 - Client Side

SPEAK 1.2 is not realeased yet

SPEAK 1.2 comes with a new javascript API which we think will be much more simple to use.

What are the main differences with SPEAK 1.1

The component in 1.2 are really unopinonated. In SPEAK 1.1, we were forcing

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Upgrading to SPEAK 1.2, the basics

SPEAK 1.2 is not realeased yet


The main purpose of this new release was to ease the creation of components and the support for Ms TypeScript. Please, feel free to give me feedbacks if you do not think those requirements was not propertly met.

As you can see,

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How should I write a SPEAK Component?

Many people is asking me, what is a "good" SPEAK component. It is a really good question. As SPEAK is really focused on Components and making them work together, writing "good" component is a key for success when building your own SPEAK application.

I will try to answer with this

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