How should I write a SPEAK Component?

Many people is asking me, what is a "good" SPEAK component. It is a really good question. As SPEAK is really focused on Components and making them work together, writing "good" component is a key for success when building your own SPEAK application.

I will try to answer with this

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How am I releasing a Javascript Module?

This article explains how I am writing Javascript libraries for the Browser based on my personnal experience.

I tend to think this is the most suited solution in terms of maintenance, readability and scalability for my needs. You are welcome to share your personnal experience by dropping a comment.


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Creating your first SPEAK Page


In this post, I will explain you how to create a really simple "Hello World" page and what is required to make it work.

Install Sitecore ROCKS

The Sitecore Content Editor does not currently support the creation of a SPEAK Page. To create a SPEAK Application, you will need

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What is Sitecore SPEAK?

By talking to people, I realize there were a lot of misunderstandings about Sitecore SPEAK and I will try to clarify them. Please note everything you read in this post is unofficial and written under my own name.

SPEAK, what does it mean?

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