CluedIn, we have released !

Finally, it costs us a lot of pizzas, coffees, noodles and night works but we have finally released CluedIn.

It is, in the same time, a scary and amazing feeling. Scary as it is time for us to be judged by our customers. Amazing as we can finally see in action all the code we have written so far.

We have started a product where you could literally dedicate your entire life. Making a tool which automatically brings you relevant content at the right time is a huge challenge. Of course, this first version is still far from the vision we have in mind but still, we believe it already contains enough values to be used on a day to day basis.

Our roadmap is mainly divided into 3 parts. The past, the present and the future.

The past

If you work for a company, I am sure you are not currently utilising efficiently all the knowledge that sits in your company.

You need to juggle between lots of different tools, ask for accesses, open many tabs and never be sure if the content was changed or moved.

This is something we are all doing. And let's be honest, we know it is wrong.

This is the first pain killer CluedIn can offer. Stop spending time to look for information you do not even if it exists. With CluedIn, a simple search as easy as using google, and you get the information you need.

By analysing all the data that sits in your organisation, we can give you a powerful search which can look up into all types of information you have, not only documents, but images, presentations, tasks ( asana, pivotal, wunderlist,...), support tickets and many more...

This is making sure that all the relevant digitalised knowledge you have created during years stays relevant and helps you and your coworkers to stop re-inventing the wheel.

The present

Finding relevant information is just one facet in the journey of being a more productive worker. I personally believe one of the most important quality you need to be an effective worker is to be someone pro-active. But let's be honest, being pro-active is not that easy. You need to be 'in the loop' of what your organisation is currently doing. This, currently, requires lots of social skills and time spent to interpret the glimpse of information you receive. That time, if you are a really busy person like me, you do not have it. This means you start to have a tunnel vision and takes decisions with missing information because you need to deliver and can't spend hours asking every person at your company if, maybe, they have a better idea.

Well, that's were CluedIn changes the game. By following specific documents, persons or topics. You can immediately know the new information that was just freshly created by your colleagues. This helps you to be, in the loop, making sure you are not falling back to the tunnel vision. In addition to that, we have added the ability to be notified when some new results are available for searches you are making. Let's say you are a sales person and you know the pricing list of 2016 is not yet created but will be at some point. You do a search in CluedIn on 'pricing list 2016', subscribe to that search and as soon as the Pricing List will be available, you will be the first one to know. Isn't it the definition of pro-active?

The future

As you can imagine, there is a lot of tricky challenges to solve in order to give you relevant information. All those difficult problems are being solved by our cerebro intelligence engine. Currently the engine is mainly focused on the past ( what has been created ) and the present ( real-time notification ) but we are working hard to anticipate those information and give you powerful insight that you need to meet all your goals. Let's be honest, we are not entirely there yet but each day we spend working on CluedIn makes us closer to this goal.

Interested by CluedIn, go checkout our website.

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